To empower a woman is to empower her children, her family and her community. The smartest investment we can make is in women. 

– Barbara Bush

The clique you want to belong to.

CLIQUE is an acronym that stands for Connect, Listen, Interact, Question, Understand and Empower.

The First Wives’ CLIQUE hosts monthly seminars connecting women with experts presenting on topics relevant to life post divorce and separation. Join a community of like-minded women to hear from different experts each month, including child psychologists, counsellors, financial experts, collaborative lawyers, health and well-being experts and more.

The First Wives’ CLIQUE Values

  • To connect
  • To empower women after separation through education
  • To make a difference


Reality cannot be divorced and the reality is that:

  • 88% of all single parents are women.
  • A woman’s psychological well-being after separation is significantly impacted by the social support network she has around her.
  • The debt levels of a divorced woman are typically three times more than divorced men.
  • On average, a divorced woman has 75% less superannuation than a married woman from the same socioeconomic background.
  • For 63% of single mothers who are divorced, their primary source of income are government benefits
  • Ongoing parental conflict after separation increases a child’s risk of depression, anxiety, behavioural problems, suicidal ideation, illicit substance use, poor academic achievements and relationship instability

The First Wives’ CLIQUE has been established to improve the financial, social and psychological well being of separated women. The First Wives’ CLIQUE is a forum where experts present on relevant topics about life post divorce and separation, offering a low cost and time output opportunity for women to do something about the reality of their life after separation.

Hear from experts on:

  • Financially rebuilding and planning for the future; home ownership, budgeting, paying for children’s education, insurances & superannuation
  • Communicating and managing conflict with the ex
  • Supporting and raising happy, healthy children
  • What the laws says generally about money, superannuation, maintenance, child support and parenting after separation
  •  Looking after you; moving on emotionally, dating, your physical health and emotional well-being

    And more!


Siobhan Mullins

Divorce Consultant

Mary Abbey

Financial Consultant

Rachael Bursell

Financial Advisor

Founder, Siobhan Mullins

The First Wives’ CLIQUE was founded by Siobhan Mullins, collaborative divorce consultant and founder of Australia’s leading online family law firm, Separate Together.

The CLIQUE was born as a result of Siobhan’s passion for wanting to help people through education and her recognition that sometimes, women in particular need reminders and the opportunity to prioritise and take care of themselves—their emotional, financial and social well being.


Mary Abbey


More Info

Founder of Resolution Finance, Mary Abbey is a financial consultant (and soon to be qualified counsellor) specialising in helping separating individuals and couples to achieve the Australian dream of home ownership. A passionate advocate for those struggling in life, Mary helps her clients navigate the home finance process. Mary prides herself on being able to help her clients rebuild, renew and reinvigorate their lives after separation.

Rachael Bursell

More Info

Financial advisor, Rachael Bursell is the founder of Finance Your Future, one of Australia’s leading financial advice service providers. A self-proclaimed financial feminist, Rachael is passionate about financial independence for women. Rachael works closely with women of all ages to help them plan and take control of their financial future.