How does The First Wives’ CLIQUE work?

We know that our seminars are jam packed with practical, helpful, relevant information that can help you. We’re confident that you’ll receive value from hearing from our experts.

All you need to do is register your attendance, provide your name and email address and then, just turn up on the day!

If it’s your first time attending, you can attend your first seminar for FREE. Attend the seminar you’ve registered for and hear from the expert presenting on the subject matter. Meet other members in our community.

For future seminars that you’re interested in attending, you can pay for a general ticket or opt to become a member for an additional fee, where you can enjoy the membership benefits, including discounted tickets.

Find out more about coming a member by clicking here.

Why did The First Wives’ CLIQUE get started?

Keeping your divorce lawyer, your financial advisor, your mediator and counsellor on tap after finalising your separation is cost prohibitive. What people therefore tend to do is bumble along in life and tackle life issues, such as money, parenting, conflict and work, as and when they arise.

The First Wives’ CLIQUE was born out of the realisation that women benefit from ongoing after separation and divorce professional support.

With what we know about women’s financial, employment and social circumstances after separation, it’s important to offer women the opportunity to hear from experts to up skill and educate them to make informed decisions about their lives after separation. After all, as Barbara Bush said, ‘To empower a woman is to empower her children, her family and her community’.

What can I expect in attending The First Wives’ CLIQUE seminar?

You can expect to hear from experts in their field about topics relevant to you about your life after separation. You’ll be in good company with a supportive network of separated women who are or have been in similar situations to yourself.

Can I bring someone with me?

Absolutely! You can register to bring someone to attend their first session for FREE.

Is there childcare available?

Unfortunately we’re not able to offer childcare arrangements. We do hire a private space within the venue and there is a child friendly café immediately outside of the function room.

Is there parking available?

There sure is! We’ve chosen a venue that offers free easy parking immediately outside of the venue, which is also close to public transport.

Are men welcome?

Men are welcome to attend the seminars but the focus of the seminars is on the problems that women typically face after separation.

Is there food or drink available?

Food and drink is available for purchase from the bar at the venue.

Will I know anyone?

If you’re a first timer attendee, we’ll make every effort to introduce ourselves to you so that you’ll at the very least, know us.

Whereabouts is the seminar held?

We hold the seminars in a private function room at the Pickup Stix venue in Lyneham. It’s quite a central location, close to public transport, with plenty of free and easy parking available.

What do I wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable wearing.

What is included in the membership?

Check out our membership benefits. Click here.